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The Right Math at the Right Time
for Michigan

In early 2016, the Michigan Community College Association and the Michigan Association of State Universities, in partnership with the Charles A. Dana Center’s Math Pathways to Completion project, established The Right Math at the Right Time (RM@RT) Task Force to strengthen the implementation of math pathways across Michigan’s two- and four-year post-secondary institutions.


The RM@RT Task Force began meeting in February 2016 and completed its initial work later that year with the strategy recommendations in this report .


The RM@RT Standing Committee is continuing this work under the umbrella of the Michigan Transfer Steering Committee, which oversees state-level transfer initiatives. The RM@RT Standing Committee is broadly charged with strengthening the implementation of math pathways across Michigan and has organized its work into three strands.


The first strand is to align the learning outcomes for the gateway courses in the three mathematics pathways identified in the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) to ensure transferability. The RM@RT Standing Committee charged three working groups made up of college and university math faculty to recommend learning outcomes for the first college level courses in Quantitative Reasoning, Statistics and Preparation for Calculus. The RM@RT Standing Committee released their recommendations in January 2018.


The second strand is the work that needs to be done for students requiring developmental education including 1) co-requisite or other acceleration strategies and 2) improved placement practices for each of the three pathways. The RM@RT Standing Committee will recruit a cadre of colleges and universities to pilot, then scale up these strategies over the next two years. 


The third strand is the work that will happen in recommending math courses for the program pathways created through the work of the larger Transfer Steering Committee. To learn more about this project, please visit

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